Transforming the Lives
of Stroke Patients Worldwide

The Proven Rehab Breakthrough with an Incredible 94% Success Rate
Rent option only: $200 per month
Can be used only in the US.
Exclusively developed by Stroke Rehab, Stimel-03 represents a genuine breakthrough in post-stroke rehabilitation, enabling stroke survivors to play an active role in improving their mobility and regaining pre-stroke capabilities.

94% Success Rate
Breakthrough Technology
Validated in Clinical Trials
FDA Approved
Easy to Use
Inexpensive Rehabilitation Process
No professional assistance required
For private use at home
completely safe

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Where do you ship Stimel-03 to?

We currently only ship Stimel-03 to U.S. addresses.


How long will my order take?

It usually takes about a month to fulfill each order. Please take care to ensure that you send us a complete, signed doctor’s prescription and the first payment, to avoid further delays.


I need to return my order. How do I ship it back to you?

You can ship your Stimel-03 device back to Stroke Rehab via any door-to-door shipment company.  We will refund your shipping costs upon receipt.

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