Established in 2012, Stroke Rehab is the company behind the patented Stimel-03 medical device that is enhancing motor recovery for countless stroke survivors around the globe.

Stroke (also known as CVA, or Cerebrovascular Accident) is the leading cause of disability worldwide, with some 800,000 people in the USA having a stroke every year. Although strokes most often affect older people, they can occur at any age and frequently result in impaired mobility. For many years, stroke rehabilitation has been based on physical therapy at specialist clinics, which is usually a lengthy, costly process. 

Stroke Rehab was founded to transform the rehabilitation process for stroke survivors, replacing endless, expensive physiotherapy-based rehab with a unique solution that puts the patient in the driving seat for the very first time – with dramatic results. Learn more about our breakthrough Stimel-03 device.


Amir Oren
Co-Founder | COB

Combining broad technical knowledge with a strong operational background, Amir Oren is a noted expert in cutting-edge electro-optic technologies and applications in both the defense and medical devices fields. He has more than 30 years of experience in engineering project management and marketing.

Prior to founding Stroke Rehab, Amir served as a program manager at Elbit Systems for a lengthy period (primarily DIRCM and payload-related matters) and was also CMO of a top real estate firm for 5 years.

Education: B.Sc. Electrical Engineering,
Technion – Israel Institute of Engineering

Gary J. Sagiv

Bringing forth 27 years of experience, Gary J. Sagiv emerges as an accomplished board-level senior executive and global business development specialist. His renown emanates from the profound expertise he has cultivated within the digital and analytical product sectors, with a distinct focus on healthcare and medical devices. Displaying an impressive acumen, he adeptly devises strategies targeting new markets, remarkably augmenting company growth and achievements. Gary’s proficiencies encompass AI, machine learning, SaaS software development and management, digital product development and management, along with a deep understanding of neurology, cardiology, sleep medicine, trauma, and advanced wound care, solidifying a remarkably comprehensive knowledge foundation.

Yaakov Tzedek
Vice President of Marketing | CMO

An entrepreneur in the digital world, with extensive experience in assisting businesses and companies in consumer psychology and marketing.

Lecturer in the digital fields and has trained thousands of students in the worlds of digital and marketing.

Shiel Tzedek
Vice President of Sales| CMO

Expert in building a customer journey, user experience and building marketing strategies online and off line.

Accompanies businesses and business people one-on-one in building marketing strategies for their business.

Morris Zucker
Co-Founder | CTO & COO

Known as an established founder of several successful military and medical-related engineering firms, Morris Zucker brings more than 20 years of management, technical, and operational experience to his role at Stroke Rehab. His extensive expertise includes specialist knowhow in state-of-the-art defense and medical technologies. 

Morris is also the founder of BZMT Electronics, which counts the IDF, Elbit Systems, Merkavim, Plasan, RMH Lachish Industries, and Rafael among its clients. 

Education: M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Moldova | B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Moldova Institute of Technology

Udi Mosayev
Vice President

A software developer with 15+ years of experience in
web systems and applications.

Led the R&D department of different companies in
different sizes: from startups to global companies.

Tech led and CTO of several companies, from
startups to mature companies in education,
ecommerce and finance sectors.

Was an early employee in a few startups where he
created the infrastructure and workflows which the
system and the R&D department were built upon

Moshe Aharoni

MSc – Physical Therapy/Therapist

BPT – Physical Therapy

Board Member of IPTS 

Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation – American Physical Therapy Association

Vestibular Rehabilitation Practitioner – The Haim Sheba Medical Center

+20 years of experience in Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist- Maccabi Health Services and Loewenstein Hospital