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60 electrodes and shipment are included.

As a result of delays in the supply of parts for the new Stimel-03 external design due to the COVID-19, Stimel-03 devices are provided to customers with the current external design. Once the new devices will be available, customers who received the current external design, will be notified and will have an option to ship their device back and get a new external design Stimel-03 in return. Shipping costs will be paid for by STROKE REHAB.

  • Incredible Success Rate
  • Breakthrough Technology
  • Validated in Clinical Trials
  • FDA Cleared
  • Easy to Use
  • Inexpensive Rehabilitation Process

Exclusively developed by Stroke Rehab, Stimel-03 represents a genuine breakthrough in post-stroke rehabilitation, enabling stroke survivors to play an active role in improving their mobility and regaining pre-stroke capabilities.

A stroke is a blockage in a blood vessel that cuts off the oxygen supply to the brain, leading to the death of brain cells (neurons) and, in most cases, impaired mobility – paralysis, laxity, spasticity, and weakness, usually on one side of the body. In addition to the pain of involuntary muscle contractions, these mobility problems can severely affect coordination, walking, sitting, and posture.

The good news is that many of these functional difficulties can be rehabilitated. The bad news is that rehab options have remained largely static for over a century, relying on expensive physical therapy that is often required again and again during the patient’s life.


Stimel-03 is the first device that integrates the patient within the rehab process, combining advanced algorithms and electro-biology technologies to rehabilitate the damaged brain.

The device’s electrodes are attached to the affected area (hand, foot, etc.), where their sensors read very weak electrical signals from the nerves. These signals are then amplified, with “background noise” removed, and analyzed to identify the patient’s unique neurological signature. This permits the signals to be returned as an electro-physiological pulse that causes the brain to interpret the action as natural.

It is often said that the brain is plastic. This plasticity is what makes it possible to recover apparently “lost” abilities, as the brain compensates for damage by building new pathways that bypass the affected area. For example, if someone loses her sight, the parts of her brain previously allocated to vision become rerouted to enhance the senses of hearing and touch.

Another factor is the existence of mirror neurons. This is a type of neuron that enables us to mimic (or “mirror”) behavior that we observe. Just think of a newborn baby who is easily able to imitate his mother’s smile. So long as we see a movement similar to the natural movement, mirror neurons can adapt themselves to the new movements on a permanent basis, enabling the recovery of motor functions.

Additional information

Where do you ship Stimel-03 to?

We currently only ship Stimel-03 to U.S. addresses.

How long will my order take?

It usually takes about a month to fulfill each order. Please take care to ensure that you send us a complete, signed doctor’s prescription and the first payment, to avoid further delays.

I need to return my order. How do I ship it back to you?

You can ship your Stimel-03 device back to Stroke Rehab via any door-to-door shipment company. We will refund your shipping costs upon receipt.


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